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Touched by an Alien

Touched by an Alien - What a ridiculously fun book! So very many people have spoken about the Kitty series and I’ve really waited too long to find out what all the fuss was about. The quips and commentary throughout this book will leave you highly amused! Every single character is witty and snarky, and you must know by now that I lurves me some snark! The series starts out with Kitty leaving the courthouse and witnessing a grisly transformation of a human into…something, who wrecks havoc on the surrounding area. Instead of cowering and running for cover, Kitty tries out her skills with a Montblanc pen and destroys the sucker. On the scene in an instant are agents Martini, White and Gower of planet Alpha Centauri. And thus, Kitty finds herself smack in the middle of alien business in a big way.Kitty is a smart cookie and not some damsel in distress type. She is a fine heroine who turns from marketing manager to alien special-ops overnight without a blink of any eye. You won’t find her without a can of hairspray in one hand (you have to read the book to figure that one out) and her iPod in the other. She loves Aerosmith and can’t function without music in the midst of a fight. And yes, she does kick some alien bootay.All of this is why Jeff Martini, Alien Extraordinaire, adores her from the get-go. She takes the alien business with a grain of salt, and Martini asks her to marry him immediately. Normally this would annoy me, but the tone of this book was lighthearted and while Martini was quite serious, the delivery worked and made me smile. It’s part of his endearing personality. He’s drop dead gorgeous (as all the A-C’s are) and won’t take no for an answer. Martini will have you panting, laughing and sniffling as he serves up great sex (he has some serious skills between the sheets), lays down some fantastic one-liners and struggles with his intense feelings for Kitty. Oh, and he’s an Empath, the strongest alive. Great freaking power to possess, but with it comes serious consequences.I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. This book will have you laugh out loud on many occasion, drool on your nice shirt from the smexy aliens, and route for the home team! Gini’s writing is infectious and I really enjoyed the flow of the story, the characterization and the plot. There are also some pretty tender moments in the book between characters, as well as intrapersonal moments. This is my first Sci-Fi Romance but I‘m a major fan girl now. I’m sad that I don’t yet have the other books. My Martini fix will be had. :)