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Lord's Fall (Elder Races Series #5)

Lord's Fall - Thea Harrison Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsSMASHTASTIC IMPRESSIONS:If  you don't know by now that I LOVE THIS SERIES HARDCORE, well, you just haven't been paying attention! I was wicked excited to see that Thea revisited the numero uno couple of the series, Dragos and Pia, and was freaking out about what they might endure! As always, I am seriously impressed with the writing, imagination and character development in this series. Thea Harrison is a powerhouse in the paranormal romance genre and I really cannot say enough good about her or these books. *flails*WORLD-BUILDING: Thea Harrison brings us back full circle to issues that were created in the first book of the series. Dragos and the Elves have never been on good terms, and he screwed up whatever hope there was to civility between the two in Dragon Bound. Now, Pia is setting off to make peace with the Elves and try to salvage a sliver of hope.  I will be honest in stating that the Elven story line was not as interesting to me as some of the other stories. That is OK because I was in no way giving up on the book, not even close. I enjoyed the last half better than the first half because we had action and characterization was more prominent. While I was a tiny bit confused on the lore and background on the villain in this book, I do love that it is connected to gods and that there seems to be a lot more story line to tell. It definitely got better as the book progressed.Elsewhere in this world, Dragos is hosting the Sentinel Games to replace lost Sentinels Tiago and Rune, who in previous books, found their HEA and have moved on to be with their mates. Dragos and Rune are not on good terms, due to hot tempers and poor communication, yet Rune and his mate, Carling, really come through for their people in this book. Hot tempers may be prominent among these Alpha men, but they are nothing, if not loyal.CHARACTERS: It was great being in Pia and Dragos' company again. These two are ridiculously head-over-heels in love with one another, and that is the sole thing that carries them on through the course of the book. Pia and Dragos are tested and push limits with themselves, each other, friends and foes.  They may butt heads and fly off the handle, but they never lose focus over what's important, even if that means checking their overwhelming emotions at the door. Having a mate hasn't quite quelled Dragos' hot temper, though not for lack of trying. I love this quote that Pia uses to describe his reaction over an event. Hilarious!She knew just exactly how Dragos would spell ballistic. It began with a capital I'm going to kill somebody so fucking dead for this, and well, after that point, it didn't matter if you spelled the rest of the word right.These two really bring the epic into epic romance. They got through a lot in this book. Internal and external struggles that challenge their perspectives and ways of thinking. No matter how hot the fire gets, literally, this couple is there to extinguish the flames. This quote from Dragos just about ripped my heart to itty bitty bits. It's one of the most beautiful passages I've read in a romance novel.I never stop thinking about you. You're with me everywhere I go, but I miss you when we're apart.I've already shown you that I will kill for you. I would also die for you.You make me laugh. You make me happy. You're my miracle and my home. If you as much as twitch, I get a hard-on.I will always come for you, always want you and always need you.I can't finish this review without mentioning Eva, Pia's new head guard. These two did not start out on the right foot, but circumstance and alpha bitch attitudes led them down a better path. I frakin LOVED Eva by the end of the book. She has such spunk."Beside the point. Being an alpha is much more than kicking someone's ass." Eva grinned. "I watched you order the Lord of the Wyr -The Old Man himself- out of the room, and he went. You don't get more top dog than that. Shit, girl, I damn near genuflected, and I'm not even sure what that word means."FAVORITE QUOTE:Dragos stretched out on the top of their bed, hands laced behind his head. He was dressed in one of his casual outfits, simple jeans, boots, and a T-shirt. One long leg draped over the side of the bed, his foot planted on the floor as if he had just lain down. His bronze skin looked dark against the white bedspread, and his gold eyes glowed, brilliant and witchy.Mmmmmm. That is a such an awesome description. Nom.