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Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8)

Lover Mine - J.R. Ward I cannot believe you and I have come so far Your book is not a goodbye, however- just another beginning But you’re used to that…Move over Zsadist and Vishous --- Hello John Matthew! Ok, so I still love Z and V to the fullest extent possible but JM has swooped in and stolen my heart. This has been the most anticipated book in any series I have ever read (well, maybe except Breaking Dawn of the Twilight Saga, but that was a complete letdown!) This book, however, was all I could have asked for. Most of the BDB fan base has been waiting for John Matthew's Happily Ever After, and we finally got it!We first met JM in Lover Eternal where he was a scrawny, rundown mute with an ugly secret, and no one to turn to. However, Mary, Rhage’s shellan, takes him under her wing and he gets sucked into the world of vampires and lessers in the blink of an eye. Unbeknownst to the characters, JM is likely the reincarnation of Darius, a brother we have very little time with in book one of the series, Dark Lover. However, the characters in the book believe that JM is Darius’ son, and his sister is Beth, the half-vampire shellan of the Blind King, Wrath.Flash forward a few books and JM has suffered more great loss, but has now transformed into a vampire warrior. While he is still mute, he is no longer scrawny. In fact, one might describe him has ginormous. :) JM’s ugly secret has kept him from having relations with women, but damned if he can keep his mind, and hands, of Xhex. Xhex, half-vampire, half-sympath, does not let people easily enter her personal life. She is one hell of an ass-kicking female, built like a bull and her sympath nature makes her very dangerous. I think her attraction to JM throws her off her game, and their trysts leave them confused and hurt, but OH SO wanting more. Xhex is HANDS DOWN my favorite female character, and has been since her first appearance as Rhev’s head of security.---Lover Mine is one hell of a ride. JM and Xhex finally got their HEA, but it was a torturous journey. After Xhex’s abduction at the end of Lover Avenged by Lash, son of the evil Omega, JM swears to find her, dead or alive. Lover Mine opens to JM making a promise to always have Xhex with him, even if she is gone, by tattooing her name in the Old Language into his shoulders, Brother-style. Hot! Meanwhile, Lash has been keeping Xhex alive in some crazy dimensional cage, and doing some sick, grisly shit to her. He thinks he’s in love because she beats the shit out of him right back. Unfortunately, she isn’t strong enough to fight him off completely. :( Things happen, Xhex escapes, JM finds her, and the journey towards love, commitment, second-chances, faith, trust and revenge picks up the pace. Hold on to your hats!We get some serious insight into the human psyche, how emotions can destroy us, and how the need for acceptance is dire. JM is a male of worth who pulled himself together to save his savior. He is sweet, strong, empathetic, and protective. He also embraces Xhex’s strength and courage, which seems to be a serious turn-on for himSub-plots:Lash: You were one funny mutha, I will give you that, but you disgust me and I’m glad your skin peeled off like papier-mâché. You got what was coming to you, sucka!Muhrder: The entire sub-plot with the filming crew and Muhrder was weird and boring. While learning more about him is very intriguing because he is a brother and has a history with Xhex, that entire storyline was odd and left nothing to be desired. It wasn’t even revealed that it was Muhrder until the very end and if you don’t pick up on stuff in books (like me), then you were probably wondering what the bloody hell that subplot was all about!Blay/Qhuinn: I don’t read much male/male relations but these two definitely have my heart in pieces! I am not sure if they will ever get their own book, but all I can ask is that Qhuinn and Layla DO NOT mate. Ick. I am glad that Blay got an opportunity to experience a male, and I actually like Saxton. I wonder what will become of this triangle in the future. I just wish Qhuinn would stop brooding and tell Blay how he feels. I mean, he did let out some serious bonding scent during one interaction with Blay (and I think my jaw hit the floor). Hello! We finally got see a side of Qhuinn that we weren’t aware of, and if he would just admit to it, all parties would be happy!Payne: Eh. Not very attached or interested in her, but I’m sure that will change. I’m glad that she was able to visit the other side, although under shitty circumstance. Doc Jane to the rescue!Darius’ past with Tohrment, Xhex’s mother and Xhex: I absolutely LOVED reading Darius’ journal!! This was a fantastic way to enter into the psyche and past of a character we, the readers, don’t know well personally, but have learned a hell of a lot from other characters. Tohr’s father-like instinct was intensified after reading how Darius took him in. I am so unbelievably happy that Tohr and JM are picking up the pieces, together. I picked up on this plot line being about Xhex immediately, and it drove home JM and Xhex’s destined love. Tohr was completely right when he said they were meant to be together. In my eyes, they are soul mates being reunited. :)P.S. First love Z sings during the mating! *swoon*