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Roar and Liv

Roar and Liv - Oh my. I cannot state the love I feel for Roar in words. It just ain't possible, peeps. I loved him something fierce in Under the Never Sky, but he became something so much more in this novella. Larger than life, he leaped into my sappy heart and nestled in for the long haul. He is full of life and love and vulnerable at all the right times. He's a great friend, a dedicated partner and an incredible man. I honestly don't think I've swooned so hard over a secondary character in well, ever. I pretty much want an entire series from Roar's POV. Make it happen, Rossi! :ÞI was so very interested in his personal story with Liv. This snippet into their relationship MOVED me. It was thoughtful and emotional and made me FEEL lots of emotions. Seeing life through Roar's eyes was like being home. It felt right, it felt warm and safe, and most of all, it felt full of love. That Liv, she's a lucky soul and I pray that they have a happy ending!