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Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior - Jennifer Lane Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/12/conduct-series-blog-tour-bad-behavior.htmlSmashtastic Synopsis: Grant and Sophie are back! In the second installment in The CONduct series by Jennifer Lane, Grant and Sophie face new perils as they fight to keep their love alive. Grant continues to battle his mafia family and inner demons, all the while fighting to stay out of prison. The end of cruise season is upon him, and if he doesn’t find a new job soon, it’s back to the slammer for him! Slammer = Papa Barberi = No good. All of this is threatening his sanity, and his parole officer knew just what Grant needed: therapy.Thankfully, he’s able to attend couple’s therapy with his gorgeous girlfriend, Sophie, who is dealing with a few issues all her own. Sophie is struggling with her past mistakes and how they could affect her future with Grant. She has to deal with a sleaze ball at work, and her father still hates Grant. Poor Dr. Hunter has his work cut out for him with these two! When Grant picks up on a plot that his despicable father is planning, Grant must step up to the plate and use all his learned techniques and dig deep to stand up to his ruthless father. Sophie and Grant both find themselves in hellish scenarios, but this time, our loveable couple refuse to play victims. Interest in the book: I really enjoyed With Good Behavior and have since become great internet friends with the author. This book is definitely outside the genre norm for me but there is something so fun and exciting about following the heroic and romantic adventures of the two main characters. Characters: Sophie Taylor is back and more magnificent than ever. Picking up the pieces of her life after an ethical blunder, Sophie is steadily finding her place in the world again. She is a nurturer who isn’t afraid of change and working on her own shit, and I love her for it. Grant is up against some serious odds in this book, but with a devoted Sophie by his side, this man can do anything! I cannot get enough of these two together. They are so relatable and likeable. I love their dedication to each other, and their ability to work through those tough pieces of life in therapy. They are rocksauce! I am so pleased that Jen chose to elevate Ben’s role in this book. Watching Grant’s teenage nephew grow and mature throughout this book was beautiful and made me teary-eyed. He has gone through so much and Grant refuses to let their family or past bring Ben down. So much love! And I can’t forget about Dr. Hunter, who was really a stand out for me! We got to see a lot of Jen’s expertise through Dr. Hunter, who was a pretty fantastic psychologist. He brings up the issue that many psychologists / therapists / social workers deal with: how hard it is to remain unbiased and nonjudgmental when working with someone. It was so beneficial for me to see how even Dr. Hunter struggled with remaining neutral and unattached. I must say I’m pretty impressed at Jen’s ability to go back and forth between POVs with ease. It really allows the reader to know exactly how the characters feel and what they are thinking in the moment. Jen explains her choice to use third person omniscient in this post, and personally, I think it works.Worldbuilding: Jennifer Lane is a practicing psychologist and it shows! I admit it is one of the biggest reasons I love this series. I get to put on my therapy hat and really dissect what is happening to the characters, and how their pasts have shaped them. Plus, Jen throws her brilliance onto the pages a la therapy, and you gain some really great insight into what makes the characters tick. You will no doubt understand the characters and their actions. I love it! Lasting Impressions: This novel was full of suspense and romance, with a bit of sad and enlightening moments thrown in. Lots of family drama and some great action, plus some fantastic humor! I thoroughly enjoyed watching McSailor and Bonnie’s love grow as they dealt with what they can never change and accepted who they were. And together, these two can do anything. Smashtastic Entertainment Scale: Wicked Enjoyable!