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The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken Fun tidbit: This was a book club pick. We chatted with the author during book club, and she mentioned that the titles of the books were going to be a complete sentence. I find that uber cool!This book made me immediately think of the show Heroes. It was very reminiscent of the tragic experiences those characters endured because of their uniqueness. I think this book would make an excellent action-packed movie and I think Hollywood needs to jump on it. The world is dark, adults have lost their damn minds, and as usual, take extreme measures. Apparently, some crazy disease called Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration, was wreaking havoc on the youth of the world. Many died and the ones that were left behind were becoming...different. The world quickly became frightened of these leftover children and their new abilities, so they did what humans ALWAYS do when they are scared or don't understand something: they locked up the kids in concentration camps or prisons. The children were grouped into colors based on their abilities. Some were able to control elements or objects. The more dangerous children could control minds. These Oranges were sought out via strategic testing and killed due to their lethality.Ruby is more than what we see on the surface, and when it comes time for her test, she does what any scared, lonely child would: she lies and manipulates her way to safety. After a nerve-racking escape attempt, Ruby finds herself on the outside. She is with people she does not know and is unsure who to trust. She endures a dangerous journey with a group of kids she meets, kids just like her who are searching for the man who can lead them to a safe haven. I liked Ruby's voice. She was easy to connect with and believe, as she was going through many of the motions that teenagers experience. And she had such innocence and fragility, especially when it came to her powers and how they have tragically affected her own personal life.Liam stood out to me. In fact, I adore him and his intelligence, tenderness, protectiveness and the way he says darlin'. His care and concern for young, lonely, lost Suzume made my heart soar with happiness and joy. He did not have to help her. She likely slowed him down at times, and she had her own uncontrollable power to deal with. But he helped her. He cared for and nurtured her. I cannot forget that. And then he lets Ruby in. Their relationship develops slowly and under the radar, but there are moments that made me sigh. Like page 312. THAT SCENE. ♥ He is so swoon-worthy. *sigh*The banter between Chubs and Liam is epic. Holy crap, I love these two boys something fierce and they should never, ever be apart. They are so loyal and dedicated. Chubs doesn't let Ruby in easily, and is pretty damn loud and clear about his feelings regarding her intrusion in their lives. However, Chubs being who he is, eventually breaks when he realizes Ruby is the real deal. All Chubs wants is to keep his people safe, at any cost. By the end of the story, Chubs was probably the most incredible character. And Suzume, who will grab your heart in her adorable little rubber-gloved hands and squeeze the love right out of you. What a freakin sweet, scared, wanting nothing more than to be loved and protected, child. I can haz one?The ending broke my heart. I was totally freaking out and I pray that things get better in the next book. I NEED THINGS TO GET BETTER, plzkthx.Favorite Quote “Let's carpe the hell out of this diem.”