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Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann Read this review on Smash Attack ReadsMy interest in the book:I’ve wanted to read this book since it’s release. The epic cover is what initially drew me in, and I love how it really relates to the story. I love a good paranormal mystery, and the cover was oozing with creepy, spooky fun. Once I read the synopsis, I knew it was a must-read.Characters: Kendall has OCD, and the scenes where she is struggling with her disorder were pretty interesting. She often tries to normalize it but is always aware of how others may view her condition. I often pondered the purpose of this disorder throughout the story, but it becomes very clear that it is needed to propel the story forward. I was not very drawn to Jacian at the beginning of this story, though I admit he was pretty elusive. I thought he was rude and mean for no apparent reason. However, he certainly grows on you. As I began to learn more about him, my heart softened. The romance that develops between Kendall and Jacian is really sweet, simple and natural. Jacian’s younger sister, Marlena, was a complete sweetheart and I really enjoyed her scenes.World-building: I really love small town mystery/horror stories. The author did a fantastic job at building a setting that was creepy yet normal.Lasting Impressions: I absolutely loved the voice actor for this audiobook, and I am glad that I experienced it in this format. However, I will admit to being a bit lost by some passages concerning the paranormal element, that would not be so confusing if I was looking at the book. The suspense in this book was epic! Cryer’s Cross brought the creep factor and the mystery, and it brought it hard. However, it left me needing more from the paranormal elements. I engaged immediately in the story and was intrigued throughout, only to be somewhat disappointed in the end.