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Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #1)

Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #1) - Check out this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2010/12/book-review-shiver-by-maggie-stiefvater.htmlMy ThoughtsAs most of you know, I am constantly behind on the “it” books because I don’t have money to buy books, and waiting for them to become available on Paperback Swap is a joke. This is why I have Brooke from Brooke Reviews. I’ve stated before that she is my book dealer, and I wasn’t kidding. I swear, I wouldn’t be able to read half the “it” books I do if it weren’t for her. *muah*Ok. I loved this book. I enjoyed the beginning, then it got a bit Twilighty for me, but then I started to enjoy it again. Yes, it is YA romance, which can either be really great or extremely over the top. I thought the story was very sweet, but not disgustingly sweet. I have to agree with Brooke in her review (link below) that it’s more of a love story with paranormal elements, than a paranormal book with a bit of romance tossed in.Grace has pretty much raised herself and her parents were off in la-la land most of the book. I usually have a problem with this in YA, but it felt natural in this story. I admire her mature attitude and ability to keep herself composed during chaos. I really enjoyed Grace’s determination to care for others and not abandon them. To me, Sam was the star of the book. He is a beautifully written character. So honest, willing, fragile, loveable. The connection he and Grace have is intense, even before she knows his human form. Great connection, great characters.I haven’t encountered many books that switch back and forth between the 2 main characters POVs. Some series do many POVs, but there is something touching and intimate when you are hearing only the thoughts of the 2 main characters. It really sucked me into their world, and I felt close to them both throughout the entire story. I seriously wanted to roll around in the leaves with Sam in wolf form and sit and have a picnic with them both.I enjoyed the spin on werewolf mythology in this little town of Mercy Falls. It’s definitely different and added quite a bit of suspense and heart-wrenching moments. Putting the temperature at the beginning of every chapter was brilliant. For me, it set the tone of what was to come and set me on edge immediately if it was really low!I’m starting Linger pronto!My Favorite Quotes"Grace reached over and began stroking her fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes and let her drive me crazy." "It is possible to be in love with you just because of who you are." "What do you eat?" "Baby bunnies." She narrowed her eyes, so I grinned and said, "Adult bunnies, too. I'm an equal-opportunity bunny-eater." "I said uselessly, "Sam, don't go." Sam cupped my face in his hands and looked me in the eyes. His eyes were yellow, sad, wolf, mine. "These stay the same. Remember that when you look at me. Remember it's me. Please." Please don't go." "Grace,” I said, very softly. “Say something.” Sam,” she said, and I crushed her to me.