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Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #3)

Forever - Maggie Stiefvater Read the full review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/07/review-forever-by-maggie-stiefvater.html2.5 hootsOh, dear Sam and Grace. One of the best couples to ever grace YA literature. Shiver was an incredible book. We were so lucky to have front row seats as poignant, passionate, pure love developed between Sam and Grace. For me, that intensity was lost a bit in Linger because of the introduction of Cole and Isabel’s POVs, but it was still there. Sadly, I feel that Sam and Grace’s emotions were muted and hard to find in Forever. Granted, Grace was a wolf for most of the book, but this means their scenes together should have been more electric, yet I did not feel that spark. While I recognized the intense yearning and concern they felt for each other, that original passion was missing for me. I understand they were under great stress as the stakes were quite high. This intense environment may have been what sucked the life out of them and that is understandable. It’s hard to focus on love and relationships when you have crazy men trying to gun down your pack. However, the passion was just not at the level I would have expected for the final book.With all my thoughts on Cole and Isabel’s intrusion on Sam and Grace in Linger, I felt like they shined more intensely in Forever. I was way more interested in their damaged relationship this time around, watching as their flaws drew them together, like moths to a flame. As sad as it is to say, I became more interested in their relationship, finding myself missing their story when I was in Sam or Grace’s head. Plus, they brought snark and humor, which livened up the pages of this otherwise depressing story.The first 100+ pages felt like filler and it was very unfulfilling to a beloved fan who was so excited to find out how it all ends. It wasn’t until a scene involving a sink hole and a terrified wolf, about 120 pages in, that I felt connected at all to the story. That was a very intense scene where emotions finally came alive. I thank this scene greatly, as I was very close to discontinuing the book.The action in the book was terrifying, yet I never quite felt that from the characters. Yes, they knew the dangers and knew they had to act, but I never really felt like they were freaking out, which they should have been! The action was good and sad, then came the ending, almost immediately. The ending was disappointing and inconclusive. I don’t mind a story that leaves you to devise your own ending, but not when it is a major romantic story such as this. In my opinion, this story needed a solid closure.As Parajunkee stated, this book should have been epic, but it was a let-down. While I wasn’t fulfilled with the ending of this timeless love story, there are many who were. Regardless of my opinions on Forever, I still find the author’s writing to be quite magical. She is a gifted writer who really makes emotions, character and scenes come to life. Her prose is whimsical, lyrical and emotional. I will no doubt read her future novels.