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Jenny Pox (The Paranormals, Book 1)

Jenny Pox  - J.L. Bryan Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/11/jenny-pox-watch-out-this-plague-will.htmlSmashtastic Synopsis: Meet Jenny Morton, better known as Jenny Mittens in her small town of Fallen Oak. Jenny has a serious secret, and it’s one she has been suffering with her entire life. You see, one touch from Jenny will cause horrific boils, blisters and open sores to sprout on the infected area, and if she holds on a little too long, her plague will send you to an early grave. Eh. Not much different than the typical teenage worries, right?Jenny has spent her entire short life being that weird girl who avoids human contact at all costs and wears long sleeves and gloves in the midst of a Southern summer. Jenny’s senior year of high school rolls around, and with it brings an event that sets Jenny’s life on a path she would never have dreamed possible. She discovers love via a young man named Seth, who is oddly able to withstand her diseased touch, but Jenny’s life has never been that simple. Seth is unfortunately smitten with his crazysauce girlfriend, aptly named Ashleigh, who possesses her own set of abnormal traits. As the three of them slowly learn of one another’s paranormal abilities, the story takes off into unheard of territory.Jenny soon realizes that she may need to unleash her worst nightmare in order to save herself and the only man who is able to give her some semblance of normality. Oh, and sex! I mean, hello! Can you imagine life without human contact? Or sex, to be more exact. Jenny can’t either, so she grabs on to Sex Seth and doesn’t let go. Smart girl.Interest in the book: Well, the premise is wicked cool. Plague-ridden Jenny meets Seth, the only human who doesn’t become infected by her touch. They fall in love, but not easily, as wackadoo Ashleigh has her claws in deep, and Seth is finding it difficult to separate himself from her holiness. Or is it slutiness? Oh wait. Ashleigh is a virgin. I keep forgetting that because it really doesn’t fit her personality. Shoot. I should be putting this in my Character section…Characters: Jenny is a fairly normal teenage girl, minus the deadly touch and non-existent social life. She has a great father, who loves her unconditionally. Jenny’s mom is out of the picture, for reasons you shall uncover. I found Jenny to encompass many of the qualities I love in people: compassion, determination, loyalty. Seth surprises you. You don’t expect what you get from this young man, and I really found my self cheering for his victory throughout his dealings with the Devil Ashleigh. She isn’t really the devil, but we could debate her devilish qualities til the cows come home. Or the plague spreads. You pick.Worldbuilding: Oh my. Just when you think this book is about three people with paranormal abilities, the author kicks up the lore and story into high gear, and presents the reader with a serious expansion of the world the likes of which will have your jaw hanging low. I really appreciated this amazing creative endeavor and was was pleased the story morphed into so much more than what we take at face value.Lasting Impressions: All in all, this book really sent me on a joy ride through crazytown, but I loved the journey. The development of characters, the paranormal elements, the entertaining story that slaps you with surprise, the romance that makes your heart burst. It worked. It rocked. Read it.Smashtastic Entertainment ScaleDamn near Perfect!Wicked EnjoyableGreat PotentialMediocreSomewhat boring/confusing/lameNot very interestingBooFavorite Quotes“Will you keep me safe?” she whispered. ”I promise.” ”Then I’ll go anywhere with you.”