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A Dark Kiss of Rapture (Renegade Angels #0.5)

A Dark Kiss of Rapture (Renegade Angels #0.5) - Sylvia Day Mmmmmmm. Raze. What a decadent creature. Raze is a Fallen Angel who is apparently the only to fall without knowing love first. And since he's lost his soul, love doesn't seem to be a possibility. Raze isn't a one lady kinda guy, but that's only because Kim hasn't sauntered into his life yet. I really liked Kim. I liked her inner strength and determined will to keep Raze, regardless of the obstacles they may face. The world-building was squeezed into a novella, so I'm still confused on some aspects of the Fallen, Vampires, Minions, Lycan relationships and duties, but I am damn interested to continue. This was my first Sylvia Day read and I must say, she has me quite interested in the Renegade Angels series now. I love me some Angel mythology, and it's actually been a long times since I've read any. I appreciated her story-telling ability and writing style. It kept me interested, as did the romance.