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Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Read full review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/09/anna-dressed-in-blood-extremely.htmlWhat an amazing character Cas is! Cas is a brave, determined soul who feels he is responsible for the safety of mankind from maniacal ghosts. He starts off as a loner because he realizes that socialization does not come with the territory of his occupation. I felt his situation was so unfair. Cas feels like he does not have the option to ever settle down and have relationships. People need people! I admired his steadfast attitude and focus. He doesn’t find himself to be special in any way and takes his “job” seriously.“I’m not a superhero,” I say. It’s an awful tag. It’s egotistical, and it doesn’t fit. I don’t parade around in spandex. I don’t do what I do and receive accolades and keys to cities. I work in the dark, killing what should have stayed dead. If people knew what I was up to, they’d probably try to stop me. The idiots would take Casper’s side, and then I’d have to kill Casper and them after Casper bit their throats out. I’m no superhero. If anything I’m Rorschach from Watchmen. I’m Grendel. I’m the survivor in Silent Hill.SPOILER: However, Anna changes the rules of the game for Cas. She’s aware that she’s dead and therefore, has regret. Once Cas learns of this, his perspective changes and it forces him to accept others into his circle. /SPOILER: I loved watching him evolve throughout the story.I adored Tybalt the cat, as well as Cas’ mother. And Anna. We can’t forget about Anna! Firstly, Anna is not to be messed with. Something right out of your worst nightmare. Anna will leave your bladder empty as she takes your head clean off. However, once you learn Anna’s story – right along with her! – you completely understand why she’s pissed and cannot “move on.” It’s a horrific scene that leaves your head spinning, and really adds to the dread and sadness of this book. However, it’s also a major turning point for Anna, and you begin to see a serious transformation in her. I loved the author’s ability to make us feel both horror and pity for Anna, as she is a character that will both scare the pants off you and make you want to hug her. The relationship that emerges between Cas and Anna is magnificent and really becomes the driving force of the story.This book is not for the easily spooked. It’s a chilling tale of a young girl who finds her way back to humanity 50 years after her demise with the help of a young boy who is bound and determined to keep humanity safe. I was surprised by the language in this book. While it didn’t bother me, be aware that there is cursing throughout. In my opinion, it fit Cas’ personality, which is full of sarcasm. Win!