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Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/07/review-ultraviolet-by-r-j-anderson.htmlThis was a very interesting book. What stood out most to me was how confusing the story was in the beginning. And once I got into the story, I realized it was so confusing because our protagonist, Allison, was also very confused. She wakes up in a psych ward with no memory. She slowly regains bits and pieces of her past, which point to the demise of a classmate, Tori, at the hands of…her? I enjoyed learning about Allison and her past right along with her. Interesting perspective. She also remembers how different she is from others. You see, Allison’s senses work differently. To her, sounds makes colors and shapes, have a distinctive taste and she can sense color by touch. Her senses are in overdrive, and then some. It is wicked cool to read these descriptions.I was drawn to this book due to the setting, and well, that is linked to my profession. I really enjoyed the mental health speak, mainly because I can now say “Hey! I know what flat affect and poverty of speech is!” or “Man, Kirk is having a manic episode.” And the Rights Advocate that Allison, meets with – I want that job! She was a mental health advocate and helped Allison understand her rights as a patient, and helps her navigate the system and looks out for her best interests so she isn’t screwed. I want to do that! :)The first half of the book was way interesting as Allison regains more of her memory and tries to piece together what the heck actually happened to Tori. A researcher begins to work with her and helps her to understand her ’sense’ sensitivity. There is a major turn of events about 75% through the book, one I certainly did not see coming, and one I did not enjoy. It really veers from the psych ward setting, and the storyline got a bit hokey for me at this point. Up until this moment, I really liked the book. I’ve read other reviews that liked this major turn in the plot, so maybe you will too. If this premise sounds interesting to you, give it a go!