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Natural Evil

Natural Evil - Thea Harrison Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsOhh lawdie. What a nice way to wake up and start my day! Can I get an AMEN for a smexy shifter Wyr built like a brick shithouse? A to the MEN. I will take a heaping plate of the Luis Special, please! Ok, Ok. I will discontinue my Luis-obsession so I can actually tell you about this novella. Party poopers.Thea Harrison is a rock star. She has truly blown me away with her Elder Races series, always bringing bigger and better with her world-building, alpha males and strong female mates. I liked Claudia instantly, mainly because she stopped on the side of the road to help a giant dog who looked to be on the brink of death. Unfortunately for her, she finds herself in a heaping pile of local town WTFckery. Claudia is fierce, however, being ex-military, and decides to use her internal strength and fierce determination to assist a man down.Luis, a Wyr Peacekeeper, has been assigned a job that gets him a swift ride down an ass-kicking sand dune. He’s hanging by a thread when Claudia finds him, and she nurses his mind, body and soul back to life again. It was apparent that Claudia’s damaged soul was going to be a hard shell to crack, and typical of an alpha male, he did not take no for an answer. I loved those little glimpses of vulnerability from both characters.This was a great novella set in the Elder Races world. Good action scenes, great romantic tension, vulnerability and passion. Claudia is the main ass kicker in this installment, and that was nice to see. I sure do love me a FIERCE lady!I can haz a Luis?