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By a Thread (Elemental Assassin)

By a Thread - Jennifer Estep Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsGin Blanco can't get a break. She can't even take a weekend trip to the beach without some nasty scumbag mucking things up. And seriously: Gin needs a vacation. Does she get one by the end of the tale, or does she get her tail handed to her?Dude. Duuuuuuuuuude. Randall Dekes is a beast of a villain. What a sinister, evil, malicious, horrifying man. Just when I thought it didn’t get worse than Mab, Jennifer Estep throws us another award-winning villain. This man was evil incarnate and made my skin crawl. The things he did to his victims was beyond what I can express in words. It was a akin to rape, but in a different fashion. Fucking wretched. He was a serious match for Gin, and I honestly thought she was going to get dead a time or 5. Chic has 9 lives or something.Donovan. Fucking. Caine. I honestly did not think we’d see him again. Gin's reaction surprised the hell out of me, but damn did she grow a lot in this book! She never did have the opportunity to heal from his devastating departure and it showed. I wanted to violently shake her to her senses. Of course, she came to them all her own, and it was glorious. He was a complete asshat in this book and gets his just desserts. Stupid man.The flashbacks with Fletcher were intense. I am amazed, with each book, how much Fletcher continues to remain such an integral part of Gin's world. It's quite fascinating and I always love learning more about him and his relationship with Gin. It was heartbreaking to experience Gin’s pain as she recalled moments with Fletcher, but I always find his ways of teaching her lessons to be harsh and brilliant.The growth between Owen and Gin was so damn beautiful in this book. Their intensity lit up the pages and made my heart do flip flops. And I can't leave out Bria and Finn. Those two are wicked cute. Finn steals the show most of the time, as the quote below can attest. I adore Gin and her makeshift family.Favorite Quote“I looked at Bria. “How do you put up with him?”Bria started to open her mouth, but Finn piped up instead.“She puts up with me because I happen to be rich, handsome, charming, a witty conversationalist, and exceptionally talented in bed,” he smirked. “Flexible too.”I groaned. “I did not need to hear those last two.”
The Midnight Spell - Rhiannon Frater,  Kody Boye Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsI adored this book. The minute that I met Christy and Adam, I wanted to be the third wheel. I adored their personalities, and more importantly, their mutual love and support. I think it’s rare to find people who are so dedicated to another person in the way that these two friends were dedicated to each other. So epic, this friendship. The excerpt below shows a preliminary glimpse into their everlasting bond. All of the characters leapt off the pages and into my life. They were SO engaging and entertaining, that I found myself wanting to read the book at any free moment just so I could be in their presence.Firstly, we have Christy with her unwavering loyalty, disappointment in her slowly but surely emerging witch abilities, and her good-natured soul. She rocked an Evil Alice costume for Halloween, which made me SQUEE. Twinsies! Then there is her bestie, Adam, with his gentle soul, bruised self-esteem, and yearning for love. Christy’s parents were damn memorable with their uncanny ability to be there when they were needed most. Chrsity’s dad was a riot. I would be his daughter any day, just so he can glamour himself into wicked hilarious costumes when he comes to save my ass from evil. Adam’s mother, Ashley, was so entertaining. She really reminded me of a character in Frater’s As The World Dies series. This character is also similar to a certain real-life Ashley that I adore hardcore. Turns out, the character in this book was indeed modeled after The Bookish Brunette, and it was totally her. Right down to the stiletto fetish and energetic personality. So much win.Then we have the friends. Olivia, a town noob, falls in step with the outcast duo and ends up being a seriously entertaining piece of the puzzle. Panda bears FTW! Drifter, a mutual friend, was in the background for the most part, but he was someone I respected because of his ability to fit in with any crowd. He was liked by all cliques and was able to remain neutral and level-headed. I like people that can be friends with all types of people. Next up is Mark, who was dreamy and all the things you would ever want in a man, but be careful what you wish for! Nathan came about near the end of the book, but he had such a strong presence and I want MOAR. And lastly, I cannot forget the star of the book, for me: Callie the cat. Have no fear, this feline truly has a personality larger than any human I’ve ever met. I adored her protectiveness, sassiness and down-right boldness. Cats = ♥.The mystery behind a certain character was REALLY fun and had my noodle working. I loved trying to figure out just WHAT this character really was. I picked up on the subtle hints but I was still perplexed because nothing quite fit. And there was a seriously scary scene thrown in there, and I don’t think I breathed until it was over. I was totally wrapped up in the moment, wishing I could turn myself invisible so that creature would not eat me! Also, there were some great pop culture references in this book that had me giggling profusely. Hocus Pocus was mentioned. Win!Ok, I’m done rambling. Sorry for the incoherent run-on sentences. Did I like this book? That much is obvious. It was truly fun and entertaining, and that is exactly what I look for in a book.Favorite Quote ”Whatever! I still think you should’ve been planning your party!”“With who? Me, my two friends and a cat?”“Callie? Sure! Why not? She’s a party animal from what you told me.”“I said she’s was a slut, Mom. She’s always in heat.”“Scandalous!”


Dirty - Kendall Grey Ugh. Grrrr. Then Smile.Review soon

Thread of Death

Thread of Death - Jennifer Estep Review soon


Vexxed - Kendall Grey Well, that was titillating... :-PReview soon

The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3)

The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3) - Cinda Williams Chima  In the third installment of the Seven Realms series, Han finds himself fighting for the life of his love interest, Raisa, who remains under disguise from him. He races back to Marianna Pines Camp and their healers, and nearly dies during the journey.“Will you give the girl to me?" she said. "Will you let me try?"He nodded, dizzy with relief. "Please, Willo. Please. Save her. It doesn't matter...what happens to me.”Of course, the camp knows exactly who Raisa is, and that moment that I was so desperately terrified to experience...happened. It was heartbreaking. Utterly and horribly painful to read. Han's reaction...no words, people. *sniff*Han and Raisa become connected in another, more formal fashion. The tension was high but they both remained professional throughout their interactions. It was so obvious that their intense feelings still boiled in their hearts, but duty called and they answered it with dignity and grace. Of course, Han is in a position he never would have expected someone of his background to be in, and he is doing what Han does best: manipulate and squirm his way towards his own personal goals. I love how damn smart and effective this young man! He gets shit done and is halfway down the mountain before you realize you've been duped. Love. Him!Amon and Raisa's relationship is also heartbreaking in this installment. Their connection remains fierce and loyal, but the last vestiges of any romance between them fly out the window. It's hard for them to fully come to terms with, but as most of the characters in this world, they do it with grace. I love Amon. He is an incredibly loyal, protective and generous soul, and he is so very dedicated to the royal line and his role in protecting it.Raisa remains as strong and eloquent as ever. This chic has an iron will and can slap the biggest dude around with her words. She's admirable, generous and so very dedicated to her people. She is responsible and does not run away from her duties, even though numerous people would like nothing more than to see her dead and gone. Kudos to this chic and her steadfast, determined soul!We learn who Crow is in this installment. I was flabbergasted. It was an awesome reveal. Maybe others will guess, but I never catch on to that kind of stuff while reading. I love how his character is being woven into the story, and how he and Han are scheming together. I am unsure if I still trust him, because he has a serious vendetta, but if Han is as smart as I think he is, hopefully he can use Crow to his full advantage. I'm rooting for you, Han! Oh! Cat is a prominent character in this installment, and this chic just rocks! She is wicked fun, full of spunk and can gut you before you realize your intestines are making nice with the pavement. My kinda chic!This series keeps getting better and better! I mean, there has been NO lull in excitement. No second-book syndrome, no fillers. None of that shit, yo. Cinda Williams Chima is a master plotter and has really laid out the details for this series well. Not only that, but she has kept the characters and scenery as alive as the plot. And the world continues to expand! I mean, it's glorious. Just glorious...Favorite QuoteA moment later, Cat hurtled back into the room as if chased by demons. She stationed herself in front of Raisa, a knife in either hand, all of her genteel patina swept away. "Cuffs! Look sharp! It's him, the whey-faced, gutter-swiving, prig-napping bastard! He's here!"

The Witch's Curse (Legend of the Dreamer, #1.1)

The Witch's Curse (Legend of the Dreamer, #1.1) - David     James Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsI am happy that David James decided to write Magda’s story. She is a very interesting character in Light of the Moon, and I was not expecting to get any background on her. I’m glad that I did, and it really added to the richness of her character. She is definitely a character that you won’t soon forget, and her personal story is one that will stay with you. This was a tough story. It was emotional and very personal and reminded me of the tough choices many people have to make on a daily basis. Choosing between love and destiny is one topic that really stands out in books, for me. How much will people fight for who they love? How far will they take it? Who will give in to fate and who will walk through fire and hell for love? Of course, this topic ties in heavily to the series, as a whole.I read this short very quickly while on a cardio machine. It affected me at some parts, and was a bit difficult to get through while breathing heavily. I couldn’t stop, however, and let the emotion take me away. Hey, it helped me forget about the HELL that is cardio, so YAY for that. David James is a fabulous writer. I truly enjoy his prose and descriptive ways of weaving a story together. I think he has this beautiful, rich quality to his writing and I love his lyrical style.

The Exiled Queen (a Seven Realms Novel) (Seven Realms Novels)

The Exiled Queen - Cinda Williams Chima Book Two in the Seven Realms series demanded my attention from start to finish. When the book opened up, I was nervous and scared for Raisa's situation. Halfway through the book, I was giddy and happy with developments between two characters. At the end of the book, I was back to being freaked out. There was no down time and the author kept me totally engrossed the entire ride. Han's world has turned upside down, and he is now on a journey to discover his past and future. Raisa is in exile until she can figure out how to deal with the treacherous magicians at court. And Amon is in tow, because he would never let Raisa face this alone. All three characters end up at Oden's Ford for educational purposes. Raisa is under disguise and things get interesting...I LOVED the expansion of the world. In this installment, we get Aediion, an alternate world of sorts, that only magicians can visit. The magician has to have visited the exact spot in the real world in order to visit it in Aediion. They are able to alter their appearance while there, however, which can be fun and quite useful. And, if their amulet runs out of juice while they are there...well, bad stuff happens. A certain character, who I will not name because it's a spoiler for the first book, visits Aediion and meets someone who goes by the name of Crow. Crow, a mysterious figure, urges this character to work with him to bring down the magical Bayar family. There is obviously some bad blood there. Can Crow be trusted? I'm still on the fence.Princess Raisa is a character than can definitely hold her own, though I don't see her getting very far without her personal guard and friend, Amon, by her side. Those two make a fierce team and I love their loyalty and dedication to one another. Of course, deeper feelings reside in their hearts that can never be acted upon, given their stations in life. Boo on that rule, I say! As expected, Raisa, makes a love connection with Han during her exile, though it is under devious circumstances, seeing as she needs to remain anonymous and all. I was completely wrapped up in this romantic connection. Some of the scenes made my sappy heart pitter patter, and I sighed a time or five.“I can't play this game if my heart's not in it. That's me personally. I'm not judging anyone else.”“I see,” he said. He tightened his arms around her, brushing his fingers along her collarbone, setting her nerves tingling. “What's your heart saying now?”She wanted to be honest with him, even though she'd probably pay for it. “I'm in trouble,” she whispered.”Of course, seeing as how Raisa is in disguise, I don't foresee her relationship with Han ending well. It makes my heart hurt thinking about his reaction. *whines* By the end of the book, Raisa's anonymity is no more and the magical shit hits the fan! The next book is called The Gray Wolf Throne, which makes me wonder about Raisa's royal future!I was so completely enthralled by this book. And I feel strongly about the characters, both the ones I love and the ones I abhor. One of my comments in my review journal is "Micah is a dirty, rotten arsewipe." I guess I get a British accent when I'm angry. :ÞFavorite QuoteAnd, like a fool, she kissed him back. Kissed him a way that would leave no doubt about the way she felt about him. Kissed him because she knew the chances were slim she'd have very many kisses like that in her lifetime.Which is a sad thing when you're only seventeen.

Spider's Revenge (Elemental Assassin Books)

Spider’s Revenge  - Jennifer Estep Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsThis series just makes me happy. Aside from my intense yearning to have a womance with Gin, I just LOVE immersing myself into this world. This is the best book in the series, thus far. My jaw made nice with the floor on many occasion.  There was some serious action and even more serious ass-kicking. I loved the pace of the book and the intensity of the plot, and we get an epic fight that really stands out in the Urban Fantasy arena!World-Building: Ohhhh, lawdie. I cannot even grasp all the WTFckery that went down in this book! We see elemental magic in this installment that will make your hair stand on end, or sizzle into oblivion. Mab has reached her limit and is looking over her shoulder constantly, waiting for the Spider to sink her fangs into her flesh. Mab hires bounty hunters from all over, promising them big bucks to bring the Spider out of her web and into Mab's sizzling grasp. These people turn Ashland into an even more dangerous place, and Gin finally takes a stand.Mab Monroe and Gin Blanco finally have their epic showdown, and it ain't pretty, peeps! Characters: Gin has been through major trauma and my heart burns with sadness for the shit she has endured. We get some new flashbacks in this book, and they were downright heartbreaking.  Gin continues to fight inner demons while trying to remain level-headed. She is human, however, and makes mistakes. We get some really intimate scenes between Gin and her makeshift family. I seriously adore every single one of them. They remind me of a warm blanket on a cool night: comforting, pleasant and appreciated. And then there's Finn. ♥“What happened?”Bria shrugged. “I waited until I was sure there was no one else around who could get hurt, then threw my coffee in the bastard’s face and took away his gun. While he was screaming from the pain and the second-degree burns, I cuffed his ass and hauled him down to the station. End of story.”Finn gave my sister a warm, admiring look. “Nice takedown, detective. Even if you should have found another way to do it. Don’t you know that you never, ever waste a cup of coffee like that?”Fletcher continues to be a huge part of Gin's life even though he is no longer in it. The things that continue to link him to Gin's history are just awesome. I love him more and more with each book.Mab is one of the sickest, most vile villains in Urban Fantasy, and she really laid out her ugly in this book. I so wish we could get more background on her, because you aren't just born with that kinda crazy built-in. We get a little glimpse into why she went after Gin's family to begin with and the history between their families, but damn. Chic got dropped on her head as an infant, or something.Favorite Scene“Better be careful talking about how good my cooking is. Roslyn might get jealous.”The vampire madam let out a soft laugh. “Oh, I’ll freely admit that your cooking is much better than mine, Gin. But I have certain skills you don’t, especially in the bedroom. I think that Xavier far prefers those, even over a plate of the Pork Pit’s best barbecue.”Roslyn gave Xavier a sly look, and the giant’s grin widened.“Well played, Roslyn,” I murmured. “Well played.”

The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken Fun tidbit: This was a book club pick. We chatted with the author during book club, and she mentioned that the titles of the books were going to be a complete sentence. I find that uber cool!This book made me immediately think of the show Heroes. It was very reminiscent of the tragic experiences those characters endured because of their uniqueness. I think this book would make an excellent action-packed movie and I think Hollywood needs to jump on it. The world is dark, adults have lost their damn minds, and as usual, take extreme measures. Apparently, some crazy disease called Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration, was wreaking havoc on the youth of the world. Many died and the ones that were left behind were becoming...different. The world quickly became frightened of these leftover children and their new abilities, so they did what humans ALWAYS do when they are scared or don't understand something: they locked up the kids in concentration camps or prisons. The children were grouped into colors based on their abilities. Some were able to control elements or objects. The more dangerous children could control minds. These Oranges were sought out via strategic testing and killed due to their lethality.Ruby is more than what we see on the surface, and when it comes time for her test, she does what any scared, lonely child would: she lies and manipulates her way to safety. After a nerve-racking escape attempt, Ruby finds herself on the outside. She is with people she does not know and is unsure who to trust. She endures a dangerous journey with a group of kids she meets, kids just like her who are searching for the man who can lead them to a safe haven. I liked Ruby's voice. She was easy to connect with and believe, as she was going through many of the motions that teenagers experience. And she had such innocence and fragility, especially when it came to her powers and how they have tragically affected her own personal life.Liam stood out to me. In fact, I adore him and his intelligence, tenderness, protectiveness and the way he says darlin'. His care and concern for young, lonely, lost Suzume made my heart soar with happiness and joy. He did not have to help her. She likely slowed him down at times, and she had her own uncontrollable power to deal with. But he helped her. He cared for and nurtured her. I cannot forget that. And then he lets Ruby in. Their relationship develops slowly and under the radar, but there are moments that made me sigh. Like page 312. THAT SCENE. ♥ He is so swoon-worthy. *sigh*The banter between Chubs and Liam is epic. Holy crap, I love these two boys something fierce and they should never, ever be apart. They are so loyal and dedicated. Chubs doesn't let Ruby in easily, and is pretty damn loud and clear about his feelings regarding her intrusion in their lives. However, Chubs being who he is, eventually breaks when he realizes Ruby is the real deal. All Chubs wants is to keep his people safe, at any cost. By the end of the story, Chubs was probably the most incredible character. And Suzume, who will grab your heart in her adorable little rubber-gloved hands and squeeze the love right out of you. What a freakin sweet, scared, wanting nothing more than to be loved and protected, child. I can haz one?The ending broke my heart. I was totally freaking out and I pray that things get better in the next book. I NEED THINGS TO GET BETTER, plzkthx.Favorite Quote “Let's carpe the hell out of this diem.”

Glitches (Lunar Chronicles 0.5)

Glitches (Lunar Chronicles 0.5) - Marissa Meyer Review soon

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles)

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) - Marissa Meyer, Rebecca Soler Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsThis book got major buzz and I immediately became interested when I realized it was a fairy tale retelling. I really enjoyed this futuristic sci-fi spin on Cinderella.  It was truly unique and entertaining. While it was a tad predictable for me, I loved the characters, setting and plot. The narrator, Rebecca Soler, really brought the characters to life. She did great voices, accents and emotional output. It was a lot of fun! You can hear the first chapter of the audio book on YouTube.The story takes place in New Beijing, a city that came out of the destruction of disease and world wars. A monarchy is once again the form of government, yet the current king is on his deathbed from the disease that has killed much of the population. We learn a lot about this disease and its origin throughout the story.  The futuristic technology and medical terminology was well-researched and written and I soaked it up like a sponge. I want MOAR!Apparently, Marissa Meyer used to write Sailor Moon fanfic, which is so wicked cool. I was a serious fan of Japanese Anime and Manga and Sailor Moon was a fun one. Her interest in that series really shows in this book. It's futuristic, set in an Asian location, and there's even a settlement on the moon. The creation of Luna, which was settled after World War IV, was fascinating! A genetic mutation occurs and this population  becomes something other. I absolutely loved learning about this aspect of the story! I want more and hopefully the story actually lands us on Luna at some point. You can read all about Lunar history and life here. I don't think it's spoilery to the story, but tread cautiously.The characters in this book were so likable. Well, the likable ones anyway. Other characters were dislikable, too. Intensely liking or not liking a character is a sign of great writing, for me. Cinder was an all-around admirable character. She has been dealt a crappy hand but really carves out a niche for herself and makes the best of it. She lives with her step-mother and two step-sisters. Her step-mother is vile and I hope that a thousand rabid fleas infest her armpits.  That'll teach her. One step-sister, Pearl, was just as flea-worthy, but the younger step-sister, Peony, was different. Peony and Cinder formed a bond and they treated one another with respect and dignity. I truly loved what their relationship represented in the midst of so much treachery and death. There were truly touching scenes between the two of them.Prince Kai was also very admirable. I adored his charming, compassionate, kind personality. He is also dealt a heavy hand, but responds with grace and integrity. He takes an interest in Cinder, though he doesn't know the secrets about her identity. Being a Cyborg is not something she's proud of, seeing as how society treats them like scum. She does not wish to inform Kai of her status and respectfully bows out of any invitation she receives, even though she yearns to become close with this charming prince. I truly loved the respect and selflessness Kai and Cinder show us throughout the book. They both have extreme decisions to make and it is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. Maybe...Dr. Erland was intriguing because I was always wondering what his true motives were. His character evolves throughout the book as we learn some interesting facts about who he is and what he is working towards. I think he represents Cinder's Fairy Godmother, full of wisdom and secrecy.  Queen Levana of Luna is a fantastic villain. One you will need to experience first-hand. I particularly loved the narrator's representation of both Dr. Erland and Queen Levana.I am really excited to hear that Scarlet is introducing the Red Riding Hood fairy tale and cannot wait to see how the author has made it unique.Favorite Quotes“Kai cleared his throat. Stood straighter. "I assume you are going to the ball?""I-I don't know. I mean, no. No, I'm sorry, I'm not going to the ball."Kai drew back, confused. "Oh well...but...maybe you would change your mind? Because I am, you know.""The prince.""Not bragging," he said quickly. "Just a fact.”

Demon King, The (Seven Realms Novels)

The Demon King - Cinda Williams Chima Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsThis series was recommended to me by two of my book club friends, Vania and Sarah. They were talking about it one night, and I loved what I was hearing. They told me it was epic YA fantasy, on the scale of books like Graceling and Fire. I really, really love epic YA fantasy and want to read more of it, so I immediately purchased the book.I loved the opening of the book! The author slammed home the danger of magic in this world immediately. The setting was superb, though I wish a map would have been included in the front or back of the book. This world is vast and I personally love to look on a map to "see" where the story is taking place and where other places in the world are located. Regardless, I was wrapped up in the scenery and anytime a character would venture out into the world on a trip, I soaked up the details.The world-building in this book was just incredible. The political minutia and secrecy, the clans, the gang warfare, the mayhem, magic and betrayal. I loved the details about what happened in Seven Realms history, or what everyone thought happened, anyway. I would truly love to see the world from the perspective of The Demon King, since there seems to be such conflicting opinion about this historical figure. I wonder if a prequel is in the works. Or,  maybe future books will fulfill this need...Raisia, blooded princess heiress to the Fells queendom, is someone I can get behind. It took some time to get to know her because the book is on the long-side and it bounces between a few perspectives, but her true colors shined brightly. She has solid morals and a quick wit. She likes to play the field, so to speak, and she does this with gusto. She loves to kiss boys, but thankfully, keeps her wits and doesn't take it any further than that. Hey, kissing is FUN! Who can blame her? Regardless of her kissing fetish, she realizes that the time will come for her to marry for political reasons and she has accepted this in a mature fashion.Raisa's friend and personal guard, Amon, was so admirable and I really adore his character. He and Raisa have been friends since childhood, and while they are of different status, Raisa adores and depends on Amon in a big way. He is very protective of her and puts his ass on the line to save her a time or 5. Raisa and Amon share some romantic tension, since she loves kissing boys, but he does his best to remain professional, though it's obvious he loves her dearly. Raisa's other love interest is even more off limits, however. He is a young magician, but as you will learn, magicians are forbidden to marry royalty in this world.Han! I just loved me some Hanson "Cuffs" Alister. Stuck between two very different worlds, Han is feeling lost and alone. A former gang streetlord, he has turned a new leaf in order to provide safety and comfort to his mother and younger sister. Unfortunately, an honest living pays a lot less and requires a lot more sweat. Not to mention, when you have a reputation like Cuffs, your past has a way of interfering with your present and future. Han has connections both in the city and up in the mountains with the clans. I loved being able to see both of these groups of people, and how very differently they live. Han grew on me more and more as the story progressed, and by the end, I was feeling both scared for and proud of him. Han and Raisa's paths cross in a less than savory way but they both make an impact on one another. I foresee their paths crossing again.While it took me a while to get into the story due to detailed world-building and characterization, I eventually fell head-over-heels with the plot and characters and spent all New Year's Day reading it. I loved all 506 pages!Favorite Quote“Well, I believe she went in to rescue some Raggers from the pits,” Cuffs said. “She wasn’t all that specific.”“She went in to rescue — why would she do that?” Amon gripped the ironwork, studying the streetlord’s face. Was he lying? And if so, what was the purpose?“Guess she’s kind of taken with us,” Cuffs said. “You know, the glamor of the gang life and all. Getting beat up every other day, arrested for crimes you didn’t commit, long nights in gaol, sleeping in the cold and wet. It’s...seductive.” He raised an eyebrow.

Every Day

Every Day - Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsThis is one of the most unique stories I've ever come across. David Levithan is a contemporary writer, but this story has a supernatural twist to it. This aspect of the story, however, is never explained nor is it ever the focus. I was ok with this. The How and Why were of no interest to me because of how engaged and engrossed I was in the Now. I categorized this one under Tough Issues because of the wide array of people and situations that A experiences day after day. I really loved that the author choose to give us the good, the bad and the ugly, in terms of human behavior and circumstance. It really catapulted the story into amazing.A goes through each day trying to remain impassive and causing as little disruption for the host as possible. A has long ago come to terms with daily change. Then A meets Rhiannon when A is inhabiting her boyfriend's body. A no longer wants to stumble though life as Jane, Dick and Mary. A wants to be with Rhiannon and A does what A can to see her as much as possible. A remains careful and thoughtful about the hosts but begins to step outside the code A has set up for A's existence, all in the name of love. I think this aspect of the story felt so real, because people really do lose some of their logical reasoning when they fall in love. The mind becomes obsessed with doing whatever it takes to be with that person.This is not your typical love story. It's raw and personal, simple yet extremely complicated. You can't help but wonder what you would do in Rhiannon's shoes, how you would feel to love someone who is a different shape, size and sex every day. For love to transcend such stiff boundaries is an incredible feat. Rhiannon definitely struggles with the situation, but in very different ways from A. Their perspectives are unique because Rhiannon cannot compare life to A's, and though A has been in human bodies since birth, A simply cannot understand what it means to really be human because A is not around long enough to feel the impact.The author's grasp on the emotion, vulnerability and pain of some of the character's that A inhabits for a day was meaningful and intense. I became those characters for a day. I felt their joy and pain and laughed and cried during their experiences. I found this paragraph about addiction to be extremely touching.There comes a time when the body takes over the life. There comes a time when the body's urges, the body's needs, dictate the life. You have no idea you are giving the body the key. But you hand it over. And then it's in control. You mess with the wiring and the wiring takes charge.I want to thank Amy (bookgoonie) for her thoughtful review that had me pull this book off my shelf and read it. One simple line in her review - "A’s heart will win yours, but A’s journey will break it." - grabbed me. I met David Levithan at Decatur Book Festival last year and he read a passage from the book. It was hella intriguing and I definitely wanted to read it, but it got put on the shelf with all the other lonely books I have yet to read. I'm glad I picked it up sooner rather than later. It was an experience that will stay with me.Amy also posted the book trailer for Every Day, which I had never seen. I am posting it here for you because it is also an attention grabber.Favorite QuoteWe watch the trees, the sky, the signs, the road. We sense each other. The world, right now, is only us. We continue to sing along. And we sing with the same abandon, not worrying too much if our voices hit the right notes or the right words. We look at each other while we're singing; these aren't two solos, this is a duet that isn't taking itself at all seriously. It is its own form of conversation- you can learn a lot about people from the stories they tell, but you can also know them from the way they sing along, whether they like the windows up or down, if they live by the map or by the world, if they feel the pull of the ocean.

Light of the Moon: (Legend of the Dreamer, Book 1)

Light of the Moon (Legend of the Dreamer, Book 1) - David James Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsI met David James on Twitter and #RumIsland was soon born. It was right before the release of Light of the Moon, and even though I knew nothing about David or his book, I was excited for him. After seeing the cover and reading the synopsis, I decided to read his debut. I'm glad that I did because he has a beautiful, lyrical quality to his writing. It is vivid and intoxicating, and I sometimes felt like I was being rocked to sleep by the pretty words.Here are some examples:Night demised in ice.Morning was born in inferno.Sun beat through my window, waking me in an ocean of warm sweat. At once I smelled hints of burnt air, the fragrance raw, influencing my headache like gasoline on fire.andTiny flecks of what looked like mirrored snowflakes floated through the air like fragmented thoughts from a thousand angels. Each fleck shone a rainbow of whites, not colors, reflecting everything and nothing at all; it was as if they were made of pure light, white as the center of the sun.Our introduction to Calum, a troubled teen whose father left and never looked back, is somber and morose. Dad left his mother feeling dead inside, and Calum is pretty much parent-less at this point.The day Dad left was the day mom stopped loving me. I remember the door slamming, screams breaking glass. I remember looking out my window to see him driving away. Mom broken and bleeding on the floor, all tears and pain. I remember reaching down to brush glass from her face, and the look in her eyes said that she would never love me, never see me, again.Calum is pretty much on autopilot, never feeling like hit fits in but trying hard to hold on to some semblance of normalcy. Kate comes into Calum's life like a hurricane threatening serious destruction. Kate is the opposite of Calum, his antithesis. She's brash and rude and pretty much tells Calum his time is limited. Say what? Who you talkin too, Willis? However, Calum is drawn to Kate, like some lush, evil magnetism that he cannot neutralize.Both characters were so mysterious and hard to connect with up front. It was easy to feel for Calum's personal struggles, but because he was so closed off to life, it was hard to connect with him. Kate was just a tornado in the beginning, and I was left wondering who the hell she thought she was! Halfway through the story, however, we get more insight and I started to feel more of a connection to them as they struggled with difficult choices. It was when we finally see Kate's personal side that I finally calmed and became invested in her character. I also had a hard time believing their love for one another. I think it happened too fast. Not that this isn't typical of teenagers, but I needed more of a foundation. However, by the end of the story, I was definitely rooting for the two of them as a team. Not only does the lore and history make their seemingly superficial connection make sense, I just plain like them together and I want them to succeed in their hellish mission. I love that there a Love Vs. Destiny theme. It's one of my favorite bookish plot lines.Other memorable characters: Tyler, Calum's best friend, was truly a good guy, though some of his behavior didn't always fit the typical popular jock.  Also, the author wrote some seriously creeptastic characters! The Bloodletter made my skin crawl and his scenes were super sinister. And this particular scene with a certain witch was so vivid and eerie. Did I mention creepy scenes with  creepy characters? Good stuff.We slowly and painfully learn the lore of the Dreamer and Destroyer."You see, child, this is the story of an angel who fell in love with the Devil, and the forbidden love that destroyed them both; their child of shadow and light."I loved the twists with the lore and found it very creative. We get demons, witches and other equally sinister characters. Plus, lots of astrological references and some key players in the constellations are actually characters. WIN!There was one scene with "The Doors of Judgement" that totally reminded me of the gate scenes in The Neverending Story! You know that scene, right? The scene where the statues shoot lasers out of their eyes? Making me think of that movie in any way wins big points!{Flickr: By schoschie}There was a crazy scene near the end that made me type WOAH in my Kindle and I still remember how I felt when that piece was revealed. It might not come as a surprise to some, but I loved that it smacked me across the face.

Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin Books)

Tangled Threads - Jennifer Estep Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsThis was NO DOUBT my favorite book in the series so far. It was exciting and entertaining from start to finish. The villain was the best one yet and really gave Gin a run for her money. Plus, lots of characterization and relationship building that turned my heart to mush. Other readers have mentioned that the author's use of recapping events in past books is a turn-off, and this is the first time it actually bored me. I skipped over a few of them. However, I like that the author does this, because for those who had to wait a year between books or who don't read them back-to-back, this can be really helpful.World-Building: Woooooo, baby! The world keeps on expanding as we are given little details into the history of Gin's family. I really love the insight that we are continuously granted as we learn things right along with Gin, wondering how the details have played a role in her entire existence up to this point. The details about Fletcher in this book were surprising, to me, but I just loved the connections. He harbors secrets at every turn, it seems.Gin is still hell-bent on bringing down Mab and her empire. Being the mastermind assassin that she is, Gin has remained anonymous, even though she has met Mab face-to-face a few times. We are presented with an entirely new elemental in this book, and she packed a friggin punch! Gin might be a  BAMF, but this villain spiced up the action! I admit that having electricity/lightning for an elemental power is awe-inducing, not to mention difficult as hell to beat. But not impossible...Characters: Gin was on high alert throughout this entire book. She was faced with tasks and enemies she has never had to deal with, and while her repertoire is packed full of kick ass, Gin nearly lost the fight a time or two. She still dishes out her deadliest, and her smart-ass mouth makes me swoon."Actually, I think you know all about Jonah’s little bitch, I said.  ‘After all, you’re the one fucking him, not me.  Tell me, do you just bend over and take it?  Or do you have to do all the work?  Because McAllister strikes me as being a lazy bastard in bed."Gin really grew in this book. Her heart is opening to the idea of love, both romantic and otherwise. She has kept her emotions on lock down...But I'd much rather face a dozen assassins like LaFleur any night than deal with something as tricky, convoluted, and fragile as my feelings....but some sneaky feelings have nestled in and made themselves at home. I truly loved seeing the softer side of her, and I'm so happy that she is experiencing something every person deserves to experience.  Owen is continuing to open up his heart to Gin, and there is yet another hot (protected!) sex scene. Yum. Other readers have mentioned that they are unsure about Owen, wondering how trustworthy he really is. I haven't had those thoughts ever, maybe because I'm way too scared of that scenario for Gin. I hope it never comes to fruition.There are some fun moments with Finn in this book and I am so stoked that he is getting some action! Not that he lacks in that department, but hopefully something more real is in his future.Favorite Quote"That's why you look so tired, isn't it?" I murmured. "You used up all your magic to find me last night."Owen shrugged as though it was nothing. But it wasn't nothing to me. Besides Finn and the Deveraux sisters, I couldn't even remember the last time someone had cared enough to come looking for me when I was in trouble. I was so used to being on my own for so long, always being the tough, strong, capable one, that I'd forgotten how nice it felt to have someone else look out for me.To have someone else care about me.And just like that, the fragile strings of my feelings for Owen joined together, all the tangled threads wrapping around and weaving their way through my heart. Scary and painful in some ways, but necessary in others too.